Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap

Couponing has it’s ups and downs. If you want cheap good discounted things, you have to be nonbrand specific. For example, I may loooove Johnson and Johnson Q-tips. Would I pay $3 for one box, when I know the target brand is almost free with couponing? This is how you save money. So one of my favorite item is Mrs. Meyers Basil scented hand soap. There something about it that draws me to that scent. I have the method hand soap for hands in the kitchen basil scent.. and it doesn’t compare to this.

I bought one on sale from Target last year. I only bought one.. which I should have gotten 4! After I ran out, I didn’t want to dish out $3.99 for the soap. I was going through website and saw a deal that she posted for February 22, 2012. If you sign up for you get a $10 free gift code. There was a special promotion of paying only $2.22 for your total items being under $20 or something. So I did this transaction

The soap wasn’t free but I am happy paying .98 for each!


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  1. Posted by seauchin on March 2, 2012 at 2:24 am

    THAT IS AMAZING~~~!!!!
    you are amazing…


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